Friday, June 10, 2016


Well, hello spammers! I'm curious -- do you get paid to spam blogs with comments? Or are you doing it for free? If you're not making some moolah for doing it, then shoot, that's just sad. Or are you not even a real live person?

I love comments, but I don't write in the hope that somebody's going to even read my posts, much less remark upon them. I honestly write for me. I used to get comments now and then, but Google has changed something -- in some mysterious way. Now the only comments I receive are from "Christy Blndrmoux" or someone with another made-up name; telling me how her cousin, twice-removed, made ten bazillion dollars by posting nonsensical comments on the net.

Or comments like:

"Entity, look within and empower yourself. How should you navigate this heroic grid? The quantum cycle is calling to you via molecular structures. Can you hear it?"


I'm guessing these "people" don't claim English as their first language. Or else they're Scientologists. I could go either way on that.

You robots or other-type aliens obviously don't care that you're pissing people off, who at first glance think, "Hey, I have a comment!" and then read it and realize it's someone who thinks they know English but who, for obvious reasons, got a failing grade in class. And then we have to go to the bother of marking it as spam and wistfully wishing a real live person would write something once that actually made sense.

I'm good with no comments....really. However, if you (and by "you", I mean a breathing human being) would like to say something, I'm on board! But if you're a badly-programmed automaton, can you please go bother someone else? Cuz I'm old and I am easily aggravated.

Thank you.

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