Friday, July 12, 2019

The Top One Hundred Songs ~ I'm On My Own!

In my quest to isolate the top one hundred songs of all time, I solicited feedback ~ got none. But it's never too late; you can still comment here.

I may have started with a false premise. I tried to simplify the process by listing the best, or most famous artists and asking for a favorite song by each. Maybe the top one hundred is not composed of the world's most renowned artists. Maybe every single one of the top songs is a one-hit wonder. It could be true. After all, everybody's got one great song inside them; am I right?

In fact, here's one:

In the cold light of reality, I started my own list.

Here's a category:

  • Any Instrumental

I have three:


Admittedly, this is difficult. I can't even land on one instrumental.

But it's not impossible.

Slowly, we'll get there. And by "we", I apparently mean "me". But don't be shy ~ try it; it's fun!


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