Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday On My Mind

(generic '60's band photo)

As I talked about in my Fortunes post, rediscovering old songs is the "Okay, Boomer" reason for living. Boomers, as you know, are brittle relics. 
The sixties was a time when female singers didn't impersonate breathless pre-pubescent twelve-year-olds. Even dainty diminutive Davy Jones had more balls. Oldsters, get with it! Women are now girls and men are subservient lackeys. Mick Jagger need not apply.

But I digress.

Living through the sixties, I heard any and every song that happened to crack the Top 100. AM radio was the only game in town; thus even the great songs were beaten to death. "Light My Fire" still stabs my soul, with its Ray Manzarek electric piano-bass intro, but I have probably heard that song ten thousand two hundred and fifty-four times, approximately.

Then there are those songs that stir something faint in one's consciousness, but for some reason, that reason probably The Beatles' latest release, ended up being side-swiped. Thus, The Easybeats.  

I (tonight) learned that The Easybeats were an Australian band. The only Australian artists I am cognizant of are The Bee Gees and faux-country artist Keith Urban. The Easybeats were true one-hit wonders (I checked). Nevertheless, this song is very tasty:

So here's to The Easybeats. Thanks for a groovy song that I'd forgotten.

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