Thursday, February 13, 2020

Get Over It, People


I don't get political here, but come on, people! I truly don't understand all the hate -- all the angst that drives people insane. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

I saw a clip of some moron driving his van into a tent one political party had erected to register voters, because he "needed to make a statement", and I thought, what the hell? Is your life really that sad? Excuse me, but you are a loser.

I've been voting since 1976. Sometimes my candidate won; sometimes they didn't. Life went on. I managed to live a productive existence. I raised a family, worked a job, paid my bills. Dabbled in artistic endeavors. Sure, I wasn't crazy about some of the losers who were elected, but they weren't attacking me personally.

Maybe it's a twenty-first century phenomenon, that humans are so in tune to cable news that they abandon all sensibility. I refuse to live that life. (And please, just stop, cable news. If you truly care about people, you might want to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and ask if this is a person you'd really want to know. Seriously, are ratings going to be the sum total of your life? Pathetic.)

Life can be bad, but it can also be grand. I would be lost without my husband. I love my grandsons. I love watching my sons blossom into dads and celebrating every milestone, just as I did with each of them. I cherish my friends; love laughing with them. My pets, Josie and Bob, are quirky and can be maddening, but our bed would be empty without them. I fold music inside my heart and never forget how fortunate I've been to experience it. My mind is constantly spinning with new, sometimes outlandish creative, bound to fail, schemes and plans.

I'm not about to steer my car into a crowd of innocent people.

I am truly flummoxed by all the hate.

How about, just live? There is magic in the world -- just open your eyes to it.

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