Friday, August 10, 2007

Radio In The Car

(originally posted 03-18-07)

Truly, the only time I ever listen to the radio is when I’m driving somewhere, and it’s usually a short errand, so I only get to hear about three songs total. Don’t you wonder when the stations actually play the good songs? Because I never seem to catch them. I bet it happens between 2:05 and 2:15 a.m.

One guy I just never really cared for is Billy Joel. I think because he has no subtlety. He SHOUTS EVERYTHING! The man must be a joy to live with……”WHAT’S FOR SUPPER!!!” “I LIKE PORK CHOPS!!!” “PASS THE PEAS!!!”

It’s okay, Billy, use your “inside voice”. Oh that IS your inside voice?

Billy, it’s time to put little Alexa to bed. “OKAY!! TIME FOR A LULLABY!! LULLABY!! AND GOOD NIGHT!! “PLAY ME A SONG!!! YOU’RE THE PIANO MAN!!!”

Unfortunately, Christie had to divorce him, because she developed migraines.

Who do you not like that everyone else seems to like? And is there something wrong with us for not liking them?

Billy Joel shouting

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