Friday, August 10, 2007

Will People Just Take Anything?

(originally posted 04-29-06)

I was scrolling around through SoundClick today, and I noticed that someone actually stole our band picture! How lame is that?? How bad do you have to be to
steal someone’s picture?? As if that wasn’t bad enough, the DJ who was going to play us on her show got us confused with the lame-ass group that stole our picture, so she’s been playing their songs, instead of ours! Oh, wait, it gets worse. I actually did a promo for the show, so it’s basically me introducing the other group - ha ha ha ha. I’m sure it will all be straightened out soon (the picture is already gone - insert evil laugh here), and I’m laughing about it now, but good grief! Oh, and they’re a bad band, too. If they were really good, hey….we could just let sleeping dogs lie (just kidding). If this is what indie folks do, it must be brutal in the big-time music world……

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