Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol - FINALLY, The Final Three

Is Randy Jackson verbally challenged? Because it seems like the only thing he's capable of saying is, "You could sing the phone book".

I know we all have our little catchphrases, but does he just walk around all day, saying that to random people?

"Hey, copy machine dude, YOU could sing the phone book!"

"Uh, yea. I'm just here to change your toner."

And are the producers slipping Randy a little extra pocket change to shill for David Archuleta? Come ON. He wasn't that good. He was his usual boring self. Maybe his phone book only goes from A through G.

I won't say this is the weakest final three ever, but it's pretty weak. Not only should Syesha NOT be in the final three (how did that happen, anyway??), but I would argue that Little Archie shouldn't be there, either.

If one were to judge artistic potential simply from the songs that the contestants chose for themselves, it is plain that only one of the three has any sort of artistic vision or true understanding of who they are as artists.

Further, if one were to judge artistic potential from the way the contestants handled the songs that were chosen for them, again, only one of the three has any artistic vision and potential for commercial success.

And for Randy to say that "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" was "just aiii-iight" for him is ridiculous. I thought Randy was supposed to be the big musician/producer of the bunch. While David was obviously suffering from vocal fatigue by the end of the show, vocal perfection alone does not move a listener. A singer has to have heart. And David clearly showed heart with this one.

Archuleta was singing by rote.

Syesha was auditioning for an acting gig.

If the voters have any sense (and according to dialidol, they do), David will have garnered the most votes this week.

And regardless how much Randy tries and tries, I'm truly hoping that the viewers next week have the good sense to vote David Cook as the next American Idol.

Although I will feel bad for him to be saddled with the winning song.

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