Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Fun & Games - Create Your Band AND CD Track Listing!

Remember the game from a previous post, in which you can create your own band, album title, and album cover? Here's mine.

Well, here's a variation. This time you can also add the tracks to your CD!

1. Go to Random Page on Wikipedia. The title of the article will be your band name.

2. Click Random Page again. This will be the title of your CD.

3. Click Random Page 12 more times. These will be your track titles.

And just to create the full package, let's include the CD/album cover as well.

4. Click here, and the third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

My band name: Holwell, Hertfordshire

CD Title: Chamizal Dispute

Track Listing:

1. Vyacheslav Starshinov
2. Thermotunnel Cooling
3. Air Charter Service
4. Fasih Bokhari
5. Brian Bixler
6. Grandy
7. Nicky Henderson
8. Tactical Assault Group
9. Jay Parker
10. Andre Morellet
11. (Heparan Sulfate) - Glocosamine N-sulfotransferase
12. Gacaca Court

Yes, "Chamizal Dispute" is now available at all fine retailers, and online at iTunes and

Funny story about the track listings. Holwell and I (Hertfordshire) were trying to come up with new songs to put on the album. Well, Holwell (I'll just call him "Frank") said, "Hey! How about we write songs about everyone in this world that we hate?"

So, I said, "Say! That opens up a lot of possibilities!" So, we started making a list of everyone that we hate. The first person who came to mind for me was Brian Bixler. Yea, good old Brian Bixler. Back in high school, he thought it was really funny to spread a rumor around that I was a twin who had died at birth. At first, I couldn't understand why everyone in the hallway would recoil from me, and plaster themselves against the lockers, and scream things, like, "Ooooh, you're not real!" Yea, Brian Bixler was a real funny guy. I saw him a couple of years ago, bagging groceries at the local Shop'n'Cart.

Then, of course, there was Jay Parker. Jay Parker was a guy I dated in college.....for a couple of weeks. Jay Parker stole my identity. He ran up a bunch of credit card charges on a Visa that he signed up for in the name of "J. Hertfordshire". I'm still paying my $10.00 a month to Visa, even after lo these 18 years.

Frank, meanwhile, had his own list. He'd gone to a multi-national high school, since his dad was in the service. And he met up, apparently, with a trio of guys named Vyacheslav Starshinov, Fasih Bokhari, and Andre Morellet. They were, according to Frank, some tough dudes.....well, except for Andre. Vyacheslav was the son of a high-ranking KGB officer, and Fasih had descended from a long line of Iranian religious radicals. Andre, I'm told, like to drink merlot and spout French poetry.

These three guys, according to Frank, made his high school days miserable. They'd lock him in the science lab, and Vyacheslav would interrogate him, insisting that Frank was an undercover agent; while Fasih would scream, "Death to Americans!" while beating his chest. Andre would guard the door, sitting on a high-backed wooden chair, wearing his black turtleneck, reading aloud from the works of Francois Villon.

And don't even get me started on Nicky Henderson!

Of course, after we'd gotten done writing up our lists, the next logical song title for us was "Tactical Assault Team".

The other songs on the CD are, to us, love songs. Especially "Thermotunnel Cooling". That's my favorite.

So, there you have it. The story behind "Chamizal Dispute". I hope that this bit of background information will enhance your listening enjoyment.

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