Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Did I Get On These Lists?

A word of advice, first of all. Don't let your email go a week without checking it, because then you will find that you've got 50 new emails, and it's hell trying to weed through them all.

So, tonight I thought I would tackle the whole email project, and I found emails from a variety of sources, many of them music related; all trying to sell me something.

Broadjam - a FREE year's membership! If I want to submit any songs for their "opportunities", however, it'll cost me $20.00 per submission.

MusicSubmit - get 450 submissions when I order the "200 Package". The 200 package is only $69.95 (all major credit cards accepted!)

Join Taxi and learn how to write better songs! Only $299.95! Okay, been there, done that. Still paying off the $299.95.

ASCAP Inside Music - last day to enter the Sing-to-Win Contest (whatever that is). And get three months free of the Musician's Atlas. Oops, missed the deadline. Dang it. And that Musician's Atlas is a valuable keepsake.

I also learned that the new Music Publisher Registry is priceless (bet not). Don't know how much it really is, but what in the world would I do with that?

So, I thought I would just send a shout-out to all you music business entrepreneurs out there:


More useful to me were the emails from Marlboro (sorry, non-smoking zealots), inviting me to enter daily to win a prize, or the New Belgium Beer (never even knew there was such a thing) contest to win a Schwinn (daily entry!)

My odds are better with Marlboro and New Belgium, and hey! Entry is free!

Look, I'm getting kind of tired of saying this, but I'll say it again:


That's how it's supposed to work. If my music is really worth as much as you claim it is, then PAY ME.

Or just leave me alone, and let me watch all the YouTube video links that my friends keep sending me, that aren't really very funny, but I have to watch them, so I can send my friends a nice "ha ha - cute!" reply.


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