Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Few Last Glimmers

I've written before about the endless stream of emails I receive, touting the latest music opportunities.

I always click on them....eventually....out of curiosity more than anything else.

For example, the latest Music Dealer's "opportunity" is a song about Grandma.  I think grandmas are great, although I barely remember one, and I never knew the other.  Hence, I have written no songs about Grandma.  I've written a song about Mom, but that isn't what they're going for here.  It does make me wonder, though, about the grandma I never met.  I wonder if she was more like me than my mom was, because Mom and I weren't exactly simpatico, if you get my drift.

But, as always with these posts, I do digress.

Generally, with the Music Xray emails, I just delete them without reading.  Because they're always touting the most recent "opportunity matches" that don't really match in the least, and I don't have the money to toss around like some wild-eyed millionaire anyway.

Not to mention the scathing reviews I received from some of my earlier submissions.  I never even asked for critiques!  What was that?  Just an extra-added soul-crushing bonus?

One guy said something (I actually deleted the email, so I can't reference it) about how tentative the singing was.  Well, yea!  I hate (hate!) recording!  In fact, I'll make up any old excuse just to avoid it.  I'm tired; I have a tummy ache; my voice is shot from all the smoking (which is true, by the way).  I AM NOT A SINGER.  But the fact remains that I have no money to hire a professional singer, so if I want a demo recording of any of my songs, I have to do it myself.

But for some reason, tonight, I clicked on the latest Music Xray email, and it said something about submissions for radio stations, or something.  And I thought, well, let's see.

So, I surfed on over to the site, and I found a particular outfit that shops music around to various regions of the US (because apparently different regions have different tastes; little did I know) and to radio stations in the UK.  The UK thing was somewhat intriguing, because I find that those fine people are more discerning than the dolts that market and/or listen to music here in the good old USA.  No offense to the US, but here, it's all about the cheese quotient, and about the butterflies and rainbows and unicorns; not the actual music (ahh, cynicism is alive and well tonight!)

So, I thought, what the heck?  Why not give it a go?  I could put it on my credit card, so that's not like real money.  Is it?

I'm a big fan of this song by my husband, so I bit the bullet and clicked the submission button.

Then, I thought, well, let's see what else is out there, radio submission-wise.  And I found this place called, "Women of Substance Radio".  Isn't that precious?  Women of substance.  As opposed to what?  Women of Superficiality?

But I figured, hey, I'm a woman.  So, I, in a fit of insanity, submitted this:

I'm really pulling for my husband's song, though.

And I, too, looked at song critique opportunities.  I almost thought about doing it, but then I saw the submission price ($35.00) and thought, why in the world would I pay $35.00 for somebody to diss me, when some of these other guys took it upon themselves to do it for free?

I'm a realist, and yet not a masochist.  My focus now, really, is promoting the other band guys' music; not mine.  Yet, there's still that little self-indulgent side of me that wants somebody to say, "That's a good song!  Terrible singer, but good song!"

Just don't feel compelled to send me a critique, cuz I really don't want one, and I'll just send it to my "trash" folder anyway.

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