Friday, December 7, 2012

Worst Song of All Time? ~ Part 4

(Sorry, but that's one scary picture!)

Okay, my turn.

I'm not saying this is the absolute worst song of all time, but it embodies everything that I hate about music that punches you in the stomach, and just keeps punching.

I feel no need for singers to shout at me.  That just makes me crabby.  If you've got something to say, just say it....rationally.  I will get it.  Really.  Yelling at me is just going to make me hate you.

It's not that I hate Billy Joel.  I like "Uptown Girl", in which he sings.  I understand that Billy is in love with his lyrics, and there's really nothing wrong with that, but, Billy, just give your listeners a break.  Stop beating us upside the head.  There's a little thing called "nuance".  Try it.

I've been told, in no uncertainty, that certain people like this song.  I have no inkling why.  I've been scolded for choosing it as the worst song of all time, but you be the judge.

And excuse me while I reach for my bottle of Advil.

And the harmonica is annoying, too.  I'd rather be besieged by Bob Dylan blowing on his harp.


K.Turner said...

I have to say I do not think that its the absolute worst song ever, but I could have done with out the harmonics. I like the words of the song though. I always find my self looking for some meaning to it that I do not think is there. I have to give it a 7....If you are saying worst song of all time it has to be something other than that song, but its not the best of all time.....I would like to see more of these though and like to see what feedback you get from your readers.

richfarmers said...

Hi K, yes, I agree it's not the worst song of all time. I was mostly venting - ha. I like your comment, "looking for some meaning to it that I do not think is there." I think sometimes people think something is meaningful because the music is given so much EMPHASIS. It's just really a snapshot of his life, I think. Nothing wrong with that.